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Welcome to Retek Epoxy Coatings, We are an industrial paint manufacturer that specializes in our own wide range of epoxy coatings. We manufacture and wholesale our specialized epoxy coatings in South Africa and African Countries. We have worked hard to develop a wide range of the latest in coatings technology to fulfill all your coating requirements and ensuring value for money. Our experienced team at Retek Epoxy Coatings strive for perfection and customer satisfaction.
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Industrial Epoxy Coatings

Retek's epoxy forms a tough amour lining on structural steel, tanks, pipe lines and all steel structures.

Tile Epoxy Coatings

Retek's Heavy Duty Epoxy is an inexpensive way to give your tiles a fresh new and clean look.

A wide variety of colours are available.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Retek's Floor Epoxy systems are designed to provide protection, easy to clean and maintain to new and existing concrete floors. Available in a wide range of colours.

Easy DIY Epoxy Applications

Our products are made for easy DIY applications. Can be applied with a roller, spray or airless sprayer. We have a step by step application process, that will assist you with the application.

Pool Epoxy Coatings

Protects concrete surfaces. Provides an attractive finish. Makes cleaning the pool surface easier. Affordable and durable. Available in a wide variety of colours.

Delivery Options

Standard courier charges apply to all provinces in South Africa.  Bulk and large order deliveries can be arranged throughout Africa.

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